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FAN: Uh, my question for you guys is if you were to have any two female actresses play you guys in the show, who would it be and why?
JARED: So wed have two per piece, or we have to Just weighing my options. If I could have a female actress to play.. Does she have to be an actress?
FAN: Anybody.
JENSEN: Im going to have to say Meryl Streep. Because shed probably win an oscar for it.
JARED: Im gonna..
JENSEN: *points to Jared* Amy Smart.
JARED: Miley Cyrus.
JENSEN: She is an actress now.
JARED: And she sings and stuff, so..
JENSEN: Multi-talented.
JARED: Multi-talented. Im going with Miley
JENSEN: You know, I dont know.. I, thats, you know.. whos just an utter complete badass?
JARED: I need someone whos really short. I need a really short..
CROWD: Demi Moore!
JENSEN: Demi Moore?
JARED: Demi Moore, shes short-
JENSEN: Yeah shes old..
JARED: Angelina Jolie, for Jensen?! Jamie Foxx!?
JENSEN: Megan Fox!
JARED: Did something happen last week that I didnt hear about? Helen Mirren?
JENSEN: Yeah! Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep.
JARED: I might get the lead in Titanic.
Even better, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon.
*the entire crowd is cracking up*

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FAN: Hello Jensen, Jared. Hi.
FAN: Jensen, I would like to ask you something.
JARED: Oh, cmon!
FAN: Sorry. So sorry. Uh, Im a psychotherapist
JARED: Oh, yeah, so can you *pointing at Jensen* ok. I got you, I got you.
JENSEN: I need to talk to somebody about my co-star.

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# 04

JARED: I think the main thing youre question is about, what I have learned from members of the cast, uhm - sorry, the crew - Ill start with that and get to Jensen..
*people start laughing*
JARED: That wasnt a bad thing!
JENSEN: Save the best for last.
JARED: Yeah, yeah. Good point, good point. So, Ill start with Jensen.

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# 03

FAN: Actually, what I would like to ask is, what have each of you learned from the other that has made you a better actor
JARED: (whispering) Nothing.
FAN: and what have you learned from anyone else in the Supernatural production family, whether its directors, guest actors, members of the crew, that you think youll carry with you into the rest of your careers.
JENSEN: Good, good question.
JARED: Thats a good, multi-layered question. Ill let Jensen start this.
JENSEN: Uhm, lets see. Well, lets start from what Ive learned from Jared. The obvious answer is absolutely nothing.
JARED: Take notes.

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# 02

The same baby from last year is here. Jensen made fun of Jared.
JENSEN: Is that a real baby?
JARED: It looks real.
JENSEN: I dont know, animatronics these days

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FAN: Uh, this question is for Jared.
JARED: Ahh.. good girl. It sounds smart.
FAN: Its about Friday the 13th.
JARED: Okay.
FAN: In the genre of, in the sub-genre of slasher, they have the final girl
JARED: Im confused.
FAN: In slasher films, usually, theres a final girl that-
JARED: In the sub-genre of.. or main genre ?
*he looks for Jensen to help him*
JENSEN: She lost me at I have a question for Jared.


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